Bodhi Montessori

Bodhi - Montessori House of Children follows the Montessori Philosophy for early education of the child. The Montessori approach is "learning the concepts through Montessori Materials". Every Montessori Material has a purpose and aims at developing child's conceptual and intellectual growth. We offer a comprehensive 5-year program (Age group 1.8 Years to 6 Years), that includes:

· Play Group
· Montessori Level – I
· Montessori Level – II
· Kindergarten – I
· Kindergarten – II

We choose Montessori as our key methodology since Montessori Materials are scientifically prepared and presented to your child in developmental succession.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

    Our School offers spacious 7500 sq. feet area where children can learn, play and grow. Play area is designed to encourage physical activities in a safe and supervised environment. Our state-of-the-art auditorium is the perfect space for performance and events.

  • Prepared Environment

    Montessori environment is a meaningfully structured learning space for your child where everything has a purpose with a learning stimulus. Your child will deeply engage in his/her own progress and discover his/her inner potential. Montessori learning is largely active and individually paced to the needs of your child.

  • Individual learning

    The Montessori environment at Bodhi allows for a personalized development. Montessori materials are presented one-on-one, based on your child's interest and needs. We believe in keeping the class numbers low to maximize learning potential.

  • Life Long Learning

    Our Montessori Curriculum comprises of Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Arithmetic and Science. Montessori Education supports your child's intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. We help your child in nurturing on his journey towards self-motivation and self-exploration.

Want to Enroll Your Child to Bodhi Montessori?

  • Trained Staff With Experience

    Trained Staff With Experience

  • CCTV Surveillance Security

    CCTV Surveillance Security

  • Student Tracking Mobile App

    Student Tracking Mobile App

  • School Van Facility For Children

    School Van Facility For Children

  • Hi Teacher, Just want to say a Big "THANK YOU" for all the efforts you people have taken/taking to train our kids and give them a very strong foundation for their future. We are very happy about all these. Wish you guys a very best of luck for all your endeavors.

  • Bodhi is a perfect place for a child. Vedanth is happy with the school and loves every bit of it. As a matter, I am happy and eager to send him here. I wish Bodhi success and I hope they will keep this quality forever. Thank you MythriMaam, Sudha Maam& Rashmi Maam and of course the entire staff for providing a loving and caring study time and place.

    Kavitha H Reddy
  • We are happy with the progress of the child's behavior and routine work process. Also child is more focused and showing interest towards various activities after joining the school.

    Sharanya's Parents
  • Siddharth loves to go to Bodhi school every day. That shows he is very happy with school and teachers We have found him improving and growing up well. We thank you for your passionate efforts.

  • I am happy and satisfied for the well organized and for applying the concept of Montessori method practically. My definition for "BODHI a place for a holisitical growth for a kid after his first home".