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Discover the Joy of Learning with Bodhi Montessori

Founded in 2011, Bodhi Montessori has established itself as one of the best montessori schools in bangalore by dedicating the past 12 years to nurturing young minds through the enriching philosophy of Montessori education. Inspired by Dr. Mythri.D's passion for early childhood education and fuelled by her doctoral research, Bodhi Montessori School was meticulously designed to foster independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.

Dr. Mythri.D adopted the Montessori method as the cornerstone to revolutionise the approach of the nursery schools in Bangalore. This renowned pedagogy empowers your children to become self-directed learners, fostering their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills through engaging, hands-on experiences.

Programs we are Offering

Play Group

We are one of the best play schools in Bangalore that provides a safe and happy environment for children. Through play, they develop language and communication skills. Reading stories helps in developing their listening skills. Music and rhymes support their gross motor skills aiding physical development. Knowledge and understanding of things in the environment will give them the confidence to move to the next Montessori level.

Montessori Level – I

The Montessori environment is a child-centered, hands-on approach to learning. What ranks us among the best pre schools in Bangalore is the fundamental principle that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. The curriculum of the montessori school offers materials and opportunities for children to explore and experiment with materials in a supportive environment. The Montessori materials and colouring activities enhances their pre-writing skills and creativity.

Montessori Level – II

In the Montessori School Environment, children use a variety of Montessori materials to enhance their control and refinement of fine motor skills. Children at this age are starting to learn about alphabet, numbers and counting. Children develop language skills through phonics helping the child to understand a lot of new words.

Kindergarten – I

Since children learn language phonetically, they develop communication and reading skills at a faster pace. Our concept-oriented syllabus, that sets us apart from the best pre schools in Bangalore, encourages children to understand the world around them, write and read effortlessly. The Montessori Math materials offers children to understand the hierarchy change in the number system.

Kindergarten – II

The children in this level continue to develop in numerical abilities and language skills at a faster pace. The syllabus contained in the textbooks and Montessori materials helps the children in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Environmental studies in the curriculum helps them to understand, explore and discover the world in which they live in. This readiness helps the children for formal schooling. Visit our preschool in Rajajinagar to learn more.

Why Choose Us

Message from our director

Dr. Mythri.D - Director, Bodhi Montessori

Dr. Mythri.D has achieved a doctoral degree in "A Comparative Study on the School Readiness of Pre-schoolers exposed to Contemporary – Pre-school Curriculum and a need based designed Pre-school Curriculum" from Bangalore University under the guidance of Dr. Rajalakshmi.M.S

Hailing from a family of educationists, her passion to influence young minds motivated her to take up research in the field of Early Childhood education.

After 5 years of extensive research and exploration as a part of her Doctoral work, Bodhi emerged as an ideal learning space that would foster child's independence, critical thinking and love for learning. The Montessori method which perfectly aligned with her vision of personalized and child centered approach to education was adapted as the key method of teaching.

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Bodhi Montessori: Nurturing the Minds of Tomorrow

Discover a personalized Montessori education that fosters independence, critical thinking, and a passion for exploration.


Mrs. Kajul Mogra

Parent of Shivaansh Jain

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Parent of Avyakth

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Parent of Sharvesh.J


The Montessori method is "learning the concepts through Montessori Materials". Every Montessori Material followed by montessori school has a purpose and aims at developing child's conceptual and intellectual growth.

Our montessori school offers a comprehensive 5-year program between the Age group of 1.8 Years to 6 Years

The Montessori environment at Bodhi combines the essence of nursery schools in Bangalore with the best play schools in Bangalore, allowing for personalized development. Montessori materials are presented one-on-one, based on your child's interest and needs. Bodhi believes in keeping the class numbers low to maximize learning potential.

At Bodhi Montessori, we understand that each child develops at their own pace. There's no single checklist that every child needs to meet before starting preschool. We are among the best pre schools in Bangalore because we offer a personalized approach to learning that caters to individual needs and encourages growth at a comfortable pace. If you have any concerns about your child's readiness for preschool, we encourage you to schedule a visit to discuss their individual needs and answer any questions you may have.

Montessori schools in Bangalore offer a child-centered approach to education, emphasizing hands-on learning and individualized instruction tailored to each child's unique needs and interests.

Nursery schools in Bangalore integrate the Montessori philosophy by providing a prepared environment with specialized materials that promote independent exploration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Bodhi Montessori stands out as one of the best pre schools in Bangalore due to its dedication to personalized learning, small class sizes, and holistic development approach that nurtures children's academic, social, and emotional growth.

The best play schools in Bangalore prioritize hands-on, experiential learning experiences using Montessori materials that encourage sensorial exploration, language development, mathematical concepts, and practical life skills.

Montessori schools in Rajajinagar create nurturing environments by promoting independence, self-discovery, and cooperation among children, fostering a sense of community and respect for others.

Parents seeking a preschool near them should prioritize schools that follow the Montessori approach, offer a safe and stimulating environment, and have qualified teachers who understand child development principles. Bodhi Montessori is one of the kindergarten schools near Rajajinagar with all required facilities.

Playschools in Rajajinagar play a crucial role in children's overall development by providing opportunities for social interaction, creative expression, and the development of essential life skills such as problem-solving and communication. Bodhi Montessori is one of the best play schools in Bangalore that caters to all children's needs.

Parents can ensure they find the best playschool near them by researching school credentials, visiting the campus to observe classroom activities, talking to current parents, and considering the school's philosophy and approach to early childhood education.